October 28, 2011

G-Ma June-Bug

G-Ma June-Bug

The last stop on my east coast lineup was not a typical venue that I have played at, but I can assure you I will play there again. My Grand Mother lives in an assisted living home outside Boston where she’s been for a couple years or so. I visit her when I’m home since we are pretty close and we chat about what’s new in my life as well as hers. There are many other folks in this place and it’s actually a very nice facility with an amazing staff so I’m happy she’s there.

I knew that I was going to be home in Boston for a few days so I called up the activities director and asked if I could come in and play some songs for the folks there since my Grand-ma (her name is June so everyone’s always called her June-Bug, so I’ll refer to her as ‘G-Ma June-Bug’) lives there. They were happy to have me so we set a date.

I arrived at the assisted living home, took the elevator up to the second floor and walked into the room where I was performing. I turned the corner to find about 30-40 people in the room all in wheelchairs, let me tell you I have never walked into a venue to see this…it was pretty awesome. G-Ma June-Bug was front row with her posse, she runs the crew there btw so much so that she keeps the clicker to the main living room TV, in her purse haha…amazing.

I decided to put together a mix of songs. I played songs like Earth Angel, Brown Eyed Girl, Let it Be, some Ray Charles, even Shake Rattle and Roll. I even played When Irish Eyes are Smiling which EVERYONE knew the words to and were singing along to; that was pretty amazing. The last song was for my G-Ma June-Bug called Ne me quitte pas, a french song she has always loved. All in all it was a pretty amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back in December for the Holiday edition (I sing a mean Rudolph the red nose reindeer).

I can’t express how thankful people were that I went there and played for them, I had no idea it really meant that much to them. Here these folks are, all who have lived amazing lives, tell amazing stories that will keep you listening for hours (especially G-Ma June-Bug), traveled to amazing places, but what now makes their day, and what connects them all is sitting together listening to music.

So I guess it’s not about who you are, what you do, or where you’ve been, music brings us all together.

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