April 3, 2014

Mike Burke’s BHHO Fundraiser/Music Release

Wed April 23rd, 9pm at Witzend in Venice, CA.

This will be a great night of Music, Comedy and raising money to help organizations that do so much for other people! BHHO (Be Happy & Help Others) is a simple message I try to live by. Most of my music is about being positive, enjoying life’s journey but also helping others along the way. I work with several organizations who have changed the lives of so many, so all the proceeds from this event will go to them. To read more about these groups and the amazing work they do, please click here www.behappyandhelpothers.com

Along with my current albums that will be for sale that night, I will also be releasing new music. All the money from these sales will go to the organizations as well, so don’t be shy!

Guest performers for the night will be:

Kim Divine – www.kimdivine.com
Andy Ostroff – www.Andyostroff.com

And many more!

We will also be holding a silent auction throughout the night, so be ready to bid on some unique pieces by LA based artist Ernie Steiner!

I hope you can join me in raising money for these organizations and hearing some great live music as well.

Thanks all!

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