Mike Burke’s love for music began at age 5, when his Mom signed him up for Piano lessons. Sensing his natural abilities, she began renting him instruments and Mike learned to play the Sax, Violin, Cello, Drums, Harmonica, Guitar, and others on his own.

Mike loved writing, singing, and playing music throughout high school and college, and everyone else loved listening. His friends and family were always amazed at how easy and natural he made everything look. From his vocal range, to his ability to hear a song and play it back on any instrument, he certainly has a rare gift. At Quinnipiac University, he garnered a loyal following as he played throughout the bars and clubs around campus, all while earning an Economics and Math degree.

After college, Mike went straight to NYC to work an 80-hr week job in finance. Despite music being forced to the back-burner, he continued to practice and play well-known venues such as Kenny’s Castaways, Bitter End, and Rockwood Music Hall. His songwriting ability captured the attention of many, and his musical abilities were showcased on his first EP, Appleyard Lane, released in 2009. Mike knew it was just a matter of time before he would leave Wall st. to pursue music and follow his dreams.

The last few years in New York, Mike also became involved in several volunteer organizations, which was always a passion of his. It soon became clear to him why he was given this gift of music. Since then, helping others through music has been a passion of his and has changed his life.

In 2011, to everyone’s delight, Mike moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his musical passions full-time.

Taking in a range of influences such as Ray Charles, Ben Harper, and Bob Marley, Mike Burke has created a melodic blend that soothes the soul. Playing music and helping others makes him happy. The fact that he can do both together, well that’s just gravy baby.