If We Could See

Just sitting here watching, as the days go by

Thinking bout the troubles, how we turn our heads blind.

I find myself always, always asking why

Why so many people struggle, everyday of their lives


If we could see, if we could see.


Take a look around you, tell me what you find,

There’s so many different faces, who have known much harder times.

Step back and think about, what you would do,

If you encountered all their troubles and they turned their eyes from you.


If we could see, if we could see,

If we could see, if we could see,


It would never rain on sunny days, and the stars would line the sky.

We’d never live in yesterday, if we could see thru their eyes.


The stars are shinning down, but before I close my eyes,

I wish for all the troubled souls, to get a peaceful rest tonight.

I wish to crumble all the walls that surround us everyday,

Cuz the differences between is what makes us the same

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